Dr Nima Nesari


Dr Nima has been practicing as General Practitioner for more than a decade.
He graduated from a government based medical school in Iran in 2008 and worked in diverse clinical setting including GP and emergency department before moving to Australia in 2018.
Dr Nima is very passionate about his work, a great listener and has genuine concern about his patient care and wellbeing. His kind and gentle personality made him one of our most popular doctors in the clinic.
In terms of clinical work he enjoys all aspect of General Practice with special interest in older patients’ care, chronic disease management and mental health screen. He loves to paly with complex medical issues and investigate every single abnormality with sensitivity .He achieves these by using advanced electronic recall and reminder system and engaging an experienced team of allied health professionals which are available in the clinic.
In his free time Dr Nima enjoys nature and spending time with his wife looking after his young daughter who just born after their arrival in Australia.