Skin Checks

Skin Cancer Prevention Brisbane

Skin Checks

*No referral needed from GP

Skin cancer accounts for a large number of newly diagnosed cancers in Australia, so regular skin checks are important. Individuals should become familiar with their skin, so that they can quickly spot anything unusual.

Most of us have moles, but since moles put you at a higher risk of melanoma, you should take special notice of new moles that appear, or any changes to existing ones. All of the skin should be checked, not only those areas exposed to the sun, as melanoma can arise in any part of the body.

Skin Checks at Wellcare Medical

Here at Wellcare Medical, our skin cancer specialist carries out a comprehensive examination of your skin, to identify any evidence of skin cancer. This involves a thorough head-to-toe assessment of all areas.

Fotofinder Technology


If skin checks reveal that further imaging of all significant moles is required, this is done using the FotoFinder machine, and subsequent expert diagnosis is performed on these moles.

The state-of-the-art FotoFinder machine is a computerized skin cancer screening system that does automated total body mapping or ATBM. This unique service creates a complete photographic record of your skin and moles, which allows you to proactively manage your melanoma risk.

The images are used to investigate and monitor changes in your skin, in order to detect early signs of melanoma, so that it can be treated effectively.

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