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Wellcare are an authorised Work Cover & Injury provider


Pre-Employment Medicals

Every employee’s health is an essential to produce successful and productive working environment. Knowing how suited your potential employee is for the activities of their intended position is also essential for the ongoing health of your business. You may well have screened the candidate for their work experience, however the unknowns of that person’s health may be a more telling factor in their ability to fulfil your company’s requirements.

Wellcare Medical Centre provides an in-depth pre-employment medical test to analyse the health, and therefore suitability, of your job seeker. Thereby, removing the worry of not knowing the health status of your future employees – something that your company greatly depends on.


Work Cover


Wellcare Medical Centre provide the following services for prospective employees:
  • Comprehensive health screen
  • Urine Drug Screen
  • Lung Function Test
  • Endurance Lift Test
  • Audiometric Assessment (Hearing Test)
  • Eye test
We supply a full report to every employer
Wellcare are an authorised Work Cover & Injury provider

If you have been injured at work your employer may ask you to visit a specific health practitioner but you have the right to choose your treating doctor, health practitioner or physiotherapist, as long as that person is an Authorised Work Cover Provider. 

Authorised Workcover Provider
Wellcare Services are claimable under Workcover
What you need to do?

If you need medical treatment or time off work because of an injury or illness sustained at your workplace, you need to fill in a WorkCover Claim Form and notify your employer of any injury or illness within 30 days of you becoming aware of it.

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